New Immigrants

If you have recently relocated to Australia, you will need to apply for a NSW driver’s licence.

New Immigrants : 

    You are not considered a visitor to Australia if :
  • You are an Australian permanent resident
  • You hold a permanent visa under the Commonwealth Migration Act 1958 and plan to remain in NSWWhen you are considered a resident of Australia, you are allowed to drive in New South Wales provided:
  • You can drive for a maximum of three months once you have arrived in Australia provided you have a current overseas licence.
  • To continue driving, you must apply for a NSW driver licence.
New Zealand

If you have a current licence from New Zealand (regardless if you are a permanent or temporary resident), you must apply for a NSW driver license within three months or no longer will be eligible to drive.

Other Australian State or Territory

If you relocate to NSW and hold a current licence issued from another Australian State or Territory, or your licensed expired less than five years ago, you can apply for a NSW license at no cost.

Your new NSW license will have the same expiry date of your Interstate licence and remain valid for a maximum of five years.

To be eligible for you must meet the age requirements of being no less than 16 years of age for a learner driver’s license, 16 years and 9 months for a learner rider licence. When you reach 17 years of age, you can apply for your provisional driver’s or rider’s licence.

If You Are A New Driver :

If you are a new driver, you will need to apply for your learner’s permit. You will need to follow the guidelines which includes first applying for your P1 provisional licence, followed by your P2 provisional licence before you can apply for your full license.

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