Q: How long will it take me to learn how to drive ?

Ans: We understand that everyone learns at different speeds. Regardless of your stage in the learning process, you will need less lessons than with any of our competitors, as we provide one on one personalized tuition.

Q: Where will my lessons be held ?

Ans: Eastern Suburbs, Sydney. We are flexible with our pick up and drop off positions. It can be at your home address, school or office, you just let us know.

Q: How long does a lesson go for ?

Ans: A standard lesson is for one hour, but this can vary. Some students like to book 2 hour lessons.

Q: How do I pass my test ?

Ans: Passing your test should be easy as long as you prepare early. Your driver trainer will set a goal date for your test and work towards that date with you. Along the way there will be practice tests and test route preparation. Remember, safe drivers pass.

Q: What type of car will my lessons be in ?

Ans: We specialize in automatic transmission. Manual is available.

Q: When do you offer driving lessons ?

Ans: We provide lessons from early in the morning until late at night, 7 days a week. We are flexible……..

Q: Do you have dual controlled vehicles ?

Ans: Our vehicles are all fitted with dual controls. We take extra care to make sure you are safe while learning to drive.

Q: Am I covered by insurance ?

Ans: We are fully insured and all our instructors have passed police and working with children checks. We have you and your safety covered every time you have a lesson with us.

Q: Do you have package deals ?

Ans: Please click here to check for current deals.

Q: Do you offer “first time pass guarantee”

Ans: Yes, we do, please click this link, which explains in detail, terms and conditions.

Q: Do you give refresher lessons ?

  • Yes, we do…..
  • To boost confidence
  • To get used to driving in a new city or country, especially international drivers.
  • To update their knowledge with new rules and techniques
  • Older drivers who have had their physician request that they ensure that they are still safe on the road.

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