About Us

Our driving instructors are professionally qualified and nationally accredited with a wealth of experience in the industry. They are patient and experienced to make you feel at ease behind the wheel no matter what level your driving experience. Your instructor will support and guide you until you are confident that you are ready to get your license.

Our vehicles are modern and are fitted with dual controls for maximum safety. We specialize in both automatic and manual cars and deliver one to one, personalized tuition.

Our instructors have learned the best possible ways to teach our students to drive with defense, focus and safety always in mind. Our instructors do not just teach the basics of driving, we take each leaner driver case very seriously, so that they become safe and competent on our roads.

Our Mission

To deliver honest, reliable, safe and skilled driving lessons to all our students.

To inspire students with respect, optimism, patience, care and skills to always drive safely on our roads.

To create and install values and make a difference, with safety on our roads and skill being our prime motive.

Our Vission

Our vision at LEARNER DRIVERS is to serve as a reliable framework for our driving tuition and to guide every aspect of our driving instruction business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving and maintaining high quality tuition, with excellent driving instructors, patient, caring and continuous industry related education being applied to ensure we are always up to date with current driving and learning trends.


Leadership: The courage to shape and encourage better driving instructors, to impart sound habits and knowledge to our students

Integrity: Be real, sincere and caring.

Accountability: Take responsibility, teaching and industry related education.

Passion: Be committed with sincerity in soul and mind.

Diversity: Offer a wide range of lesson plans, learning conditions to meet individual student driving needs

Quality: What we offer and what we do, we strive and commit to doing to the best of our ability.


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