When a young learner gets their learner’s permit, they will be issued with a Learner Guide and Log Book. The guide is designed to help new drivers, their parents and tutors with the information to assist the new driver to develop safe driving skills.

You must complete the necessary hours behind the wheel, developing your driving skills and learn road and safety rules. Your behind the wheel hours will be recorded in your Log Book. If for any reason the log book is lost, the new driver will need to apply for a new Log Book and any behind the wheel hours will not be honoured, so please do take care of your Log Book.

Your “L” Plates

When learning to drive, you must display large yellow “L” plates on the front and back of your vehicle or motorcycle positioned in a location that is visible to all drivers on the road. These can be purchased at most Petrol Stations and are also handed out for free at the Roads & Maritime Services locations. (This is the old RTA).

Learning To Drive

Learning to drive with your learner’s permit is step one of a two stage provisional licence program. Once you have passed your learner’s permit you can then progress, step two of the process to get your licence and start to learn to drive / ride.

On 1 July 2013 the legal speed limit for all New South Wales learner drivers was increased to 90km/h. On 3 May 2004 the legal alcohol limit in NSW for all learner and provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders became zero.
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