You will smile when you first get behind the wheel, possibly wanting to honk and wave as you pass your friends or family on the road. Friendly driving isn’t being irresponsible behind the wheel. Friendly driving is the ability to drive with confidence, following the road and safety rules and driving defensively.

Learner Drivers – Driving School understands that getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time is a scary experience. Learning road and safety rules and your automobile is a scary process. A vehicle is a big responsibility. Knowing when to begin braking to stop the vehicle and all its weight at the right time causes uncertainty when you are learning your vehicle and the road. Knowing when you are clear to make a turn can cause anxiety. Not driving too close to the vehicle in front of you can take practice and time to learn. Learner Drivers understands that learning to drive is scary for young and new drivers and can be a challenge.

At Learner Drivers – Driving School, we expect our students to be nervous, but not uncomfortable. Our driving instructors in Sydney have years of experience teaching young and new drivers how to drive and have the patience it takes for each new driver to learn to drive with confidence. Our driving instructors teach students in a very patient, but thorough instruction style, teaching young and new drivers the methods and styles that must be learned to become a responsible and defensive driver on the road.

Our driving instructors at Learner Drivers – Driving School not only prepare our learner students on how to drive, they teach them how to drive safely and with confidence for life.

At Learner Drivers – Driving School, we offer new and young drivers :
  • Personalised Drivers Training
  • Defensive Driving
  • Safe Driving Skills & Techniques
  • Advanced Road Test Preparation
  • Day, Evening, and Weekend Training

Student pickup and drop off is also available.

Our driving lessons in Sydney are not designed to rush new and young drivers through our course. Our driving courses in Sydney are designed to take the time to teach students the proper techniques and methods for driving, as well as road and safety rules to pass their driver’s test and receive their provisional P2 learner’s permit and then their full driver’s license.

At Learner Drivers – Driving School, our driving instructors in Sydney are experienced and courteous, offering the instruction required to learn to drive in a responsible manner, teaching safe and defensive driving.

We provide driving lessons in Sydney : Kensington, Kingsford, MaroubraBondi JunctionRandwick, Rose Bay and the wider Eastern suburbs of Sydney – NSW.

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